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Bhavook Tripathi

Founder, Chairman & CEO

The first-generation founder of Brahm Corporation – he has built a business empire with a global footprint across Asia, Europe, and the Americas – in High Precision Manufacturing, IT & Software Services, Merchant Banking & Private Equity, Agro-based Well-Being & LifeStyle Products, Luxury Real Estate, F&B & Hospitality.

Aside from nurturing his own businesses, he utilizes his business acumen and strategic socio-political insights for long-term investments in listed markets. He targets companies with transformative potential either in their core business or through ownership changes. Over the last two decades, his investments, such as FAG Precision Bearings and R systems have delivered a CAGR in excess of 50% in his personal investment portfolio, primarily in the Indian Equity markets. Bhavook believes in a concentrated portfolio. When he buys, he buys big. His story isn’t just about numbers for investors worldwide. It underscores the importance of patience, discipline, and the courage to bet big when the opportunity presents itself with unwavering confidence.

About Brahm Group

Brahm Group, through its directly, indirectly, and/or partially owned operating corporations and investment vehicles, is active across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The activities of the group can be broadly classified into 5 major categories:

Brahm Precision: Quality engineering – Designed and Delivered
Brahm Tech: Innovating Technology By Ideas
Brahm Capital Banking: Value – Unlocked & Elevated
Brahm Agriculture and Biosciences: Nurturing life through Knowledge
Brahm Well-Being & LifeStyle: “WISE” By Nature

Since its inception in 1999, the ‘Brahm’ Group is a rapidly expanding global enterprise with diversified interests in Innovative Agriculture, Bio-Sciences & Biodiversity, LifeStyle Products & Services, Niche Luxury Real Estate and Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT, Investment Management, Public Trading, and Private Equity. A global enterprise with a stated aim to harness materials, biological and computing technology through a combination of a highly efficient team and Scientific ‘Wisdom.’


Brahm Well-Being & LifeStyle has launched “Brham”- a branded LifeStyle platform that promotes a slew of products, real estate offerings, and services that seek to enhance the existential experiences of consumers.

‘Brham’ by Brahm, as a brand, is poised to define and redefine ‘Wise’ consumption that is based on the efficient, innovative, and optimum conversion of the bountiful resources that nature has so kindly bestowed upon us.

Skilful utilization of the latest advancements in technology, science, and research through a highly skilled and motivated team is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We hope to replace sobriquets like ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ with “Brahm” Wise’ by nature.

The Five Pillars of BRHAM


360° Brham Well-Being & LifeStyle Plan
All offerings under the five pillars, whether products and/or services, are accessible online or at our gyms, salons, spas, restaurants, testing centers, LifeStyle clubs, Brham stores, hotels, partner stores, and more across various global locations.

A personalized evaluation focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual Well-Being is driven by a series of tests including, among others, DNA analysis, muscle fiber studies, biomarker analysis, psychoanalysis, IQ testing, creativity balance analysis, bone density analysis, origin analysis LifeStyle, and professional goals questionnaire, socio-economic circumstances body composition analysis, along with other quantitative and qualitative measurements. This 360-degree review will lead to an individualized and tailor-made “Brham” LifeStyle Plan that will be backed up by an app and concierge centers in India and Mexico. These centers will recommend and endorse products and services, real estate, and investment offerings for individual members based on the aforementioned analysis.

1. Body Composition, Body Fat, Water & Cellular Analysis
2. DNA & Origin Tests
3. Posture, Musculoskeletal, Flexibility & Mobility Tests
4. Strength & Endurance Tests
5. Bloodwork, Urine & Gut Health Tests
6. Cognitive Memory & Mental Agility Tests
7. Detailed Background, Personal Pain Points, Body Image Goals and Targets, Questionnaire, Etc.

Nutrition: Having identified our client’s nutrient deficiencies (post DNA analysis, biomarkers, blood test), we will design a personalized menu for each of them. The main goal is to make them obtain all the nutrients they are lacking, boost their immune system, and improve their health. We want to identify what hormones or chemicals their bodies are not producing and based on that deficiency, we develop a nutrition plan, including your morning diet. By screening all their biomarkers, DNA results, and physical markers, our goal is to help them naturally through food and physical training to become a better version of themselves. On top of that, customers will get the opportunity to choose whether they receive from us an international menu or one special menu created by using only local foods and products. This will be food that enhances their deficiencies & covers whatever they need in terms of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Physical: Using the results from the diagnostic qualitative and quantitative tests, our fitness team of medical experts and Well-Being coaches will derive a fitness plan aimed to train them to reach their peak selves. These exercises will be based on their individual constitution and will only include movements that benefit their body type, muscle composition, & metabolic profile.

Services & accessibility to professionals and experts who will aid the client in developing their interests, hobbies, skills, & goals. Whether the client has ambitions to become a chess professional, learn more about the ayurvedic teachings, broaden their linguistic horizons, or experience new varieties of fitness routines, whatever it may be, our team has the responsibility to curate and facilitate a plan to aid them in their goals. The goal is to give the client all the resources, coaching, guidance, and most importantly, access to field experts, in order for them to reach their developmental goal in whichever field they choose.


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