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The Brahm Group is a global enterprise with interests in Material Science, Precision Manufacturing, Software Services, Capital Management, Investment Banking, Agriculture, Biosciences, and Well-Being & LifeStyle.
Brham is a LifeStyle brand under Brahm Well-Being & LifeStyle LLC, USA, focusing on products and services that enhance existential experiences.
Bhavook Tripathi is the first-generation owner of Brahm Corporation, leading the group’s ventures across diverse sectors globally.
Brahm engages in precision manufacturing through subsidiaries like Brahm Precision Products Corporation in Spain, Mexico, and the USA.
Services include those provided by R Systems International Limited, Brahm Consulting Technologies FZ-LLC, ClaimZippy, EdRAHI, Scalatics, ConfigLive, 1HB, and Root64.
The five pillars include Innovative Agriculture and Ingredients, Custom Diagnosis and Prognosis, Team of Experts, Design of Wise Spaces, and Creativity and Ideation.
Brham continuously seeks crops and ingredients rich in antioxidants, micronutrients, vitamins, and medicinal values through global research initiatives.
Brham focuses on individualized pain identification and alleviation through DNA analysis, biomarkers & bloodwork, musculoskeletal analyses, and detailed questionnaires.
Brham oversees and provides optimal solutions based on the individual’s prognosis, connecting them with a team of experts and professionals tailored to their needs.
‘Wise’ spaces, including hotels, restaurants, lounges, lifestyle clubs, and condos, are designed to identify and alleviate points of pain, providing personalized experiences.
It is a personalized evaluation focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through DNA analyses, muscle fiber studies, biomarker analyses, and more.
Testing includes insights into diet, nutrients, fitness, stress & sleep, aiding in the creation of personalized plans for each individual.
Brham offers LifeStyle categories such as Aurro ‘The Gold Collection,’ Atino ‘Platinum by Choice,’ Amant ‘The Royal Diamond collection,’ and more.
Property types include hotels, lounges, lifestyle clubs, stores, condos, villas, and more, each offering unique experiences based on tier levels.
Lifestyle categories encompass fashion, furniture, jewelry, diagnosis & well-being services, fitness, wellness, commercial & residential real estate, memberships, and investments.
Through a thorough analysis of biomarkers, DNA results, and physical markers, Brham designs personalized nutrition plans addressing deficiencies and boosting overall health.
Brham provides access to professionals and experts for skill development, covering interests, hobbies, and goals, fostering clients’ personal growth.
Yes, clients can choose between an international menu or a locally sourced menu designed to enhance their deficiencies and cover nutritional needs.
Brham has properties and projects in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Spain, Canada, and India, including specific cities like Goa, Bangalore, and Dubai.
Brham provides investment opportunities with potential returns through dividends, capital gains, management fees, and other revenue streams.
Brahm’s agriculture focuses on identified ingredients rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. Farm produce includes a variety of crops supporting health and well-being.
Brham offers memberships categorized into Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and more, each providing distinct benefits and access to exclusive services.
Brham’s fitness plans are derived from diagnostic tests, offering personalized exercises. Wellness facilities include gyms, spas, rehab centers, and nutraceuticals.
Brham provides insights into how the body responds to stress and offers guidance based on genetic chronotype to improve sleep patterns and overall well-being.
Yes, Brham’s lifestyle plans and services are accessible globally, with app and concierge centers supporting clients worldwide.
Brham engages in community initiatives, supporting local economies, biodiversity projects, and contributing to sustainable development in its operational areas.
‘Wise’ spaces are tailored to individual needs, incorporating design elements that consider clients’ physical and mental well-being, creating unique and personalized environments.
‘Brahm Wise’ represents a shift towards efficient, innovative, and optimal consumption, moving beyond generic terms like ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ in the well-being and lifestyle context.
Brham invests in research, facilities, and collaborations with experts globally, ensuring that products meet high standards and adhere to the principles of well-being.
Brham’s commercial real estate ventures include cafes, restaurants, bars, lounges, and resorts, located in various cities globally, such as Carmel, Indiana, and Rio De Janeiro.
Yes, individuals can purchase products from Brham’s Lifestyle Categories individually, allowing them to tailor their choices based on personal preferences.
Brham values customer feedback and actively seeks suggestions to enhance its offerings. There are dedicated channels for clients to share their thoughts and experiences.
Brham selects locations based on factors such as biodiversity, accessibility, and alignment with the brand’s philosophy of creating ‘Wise’ spaces for well-being.
Brham employs sustainable agricultural practices, collaborating with biodiversity boards and research entities to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-friendly approaches.
Depending on the membership level, some of Brham’s lifestyle memberships may be transferable or shareable among family members. Specific details are outlined in the membership terms.
Brham’s residential offerings include condos, villas, and farmhouses, designed for personalized experiences. Customization options may be available based on specific projects.
Brham employs industry-standard protocols to ensure the privacy and security of customer data, adhering to legal and ethical standards in handling sensitive information.
Yes, Brham’s venues, including hotels and lounges, can be booked for private events. The booking process and available services vary based on the specific venue and location.
Yes, Brham values local craftsmanship and collaborates with artisans globally, incorporating their skills and expertise into the creation of unique lifestyle products.
Brham facilitates international transactions through secure online platforms, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for clients purchasing products or accessing services from different regions.

These FAQs provide in-depth insights into various aspects of ‘Brham’ by Brahm, offering detailed information on our operations, services, and philosophy.

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