Bhavook Tripathi

First-generation founder of Brahm Corporation, has established a global presence across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. His corporation specializes in High Precision Manufacturing, IT & Software Services, Merchant Banking & Private Equity, Agro-based Well-Being, LifeStyle Products, and Luxury Real Estate, as well as F&B & Hospitality.

In addition to nurturing his own businesses, he leverages his expertise in business economics and strategic socio-political insights to make long-term investments in listed markets. Over the last two decades, his investments, such as FAG Bearings, have delivered a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in excess of 50% in his personal investment portfolio, primarily within the Indian Equity markets, with minimal portfolio turnover. These skills of identifying macro trends early have yielded results in mature markets in the USA and Europe as well – evidenced in his recent investments in companies such as Winnebago, Panasonic, Orexo, Abbott, BRP, and Hyatt. He adeptly navigates trading in currency, commodity, equity indices, debt markets, etc., alongside long-term equity investing. Bhavook holds a degree in metallurgical engineering from IIT Varanasi, and a Master’s in Finance from the Department of Economics at the University of Wyoming.



Today, Bhavook is involved in developing global businesses based on an Indo-Mexican paradigm. Brahm Well-Being & LifeStyle is his initiative that is exciting latest projects related to Well-Being, Luxury Real Estate, F&B, LifeStyle, Hospitality, AG & Food, primarily in Goa and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Being 'Brahm': The Pursuit Of Perfection

“As I sought and still seek my ‘Utopia,’ it constantly evolves as does the idea of me. I am passionately moved by the theory of an existence that is logical, fair, practical, uplifting, challenging, nurturing, demanding, seasonal, smiling with love, dancing with music, vibrant with creativity, melancholic with pensive thoughts, imbued with sadness, pregnant with possibilities, jumping with joy, gorgeous at any level, but above all, tending to perfection – ‘Brahm.’”

The word ‘Brahm’ struck a deep chord within me.

The upbringing in a Brahman household in India surrounded by Shlokas – holy Sanskrit chants, may be a simple reason to ascribe behind this resonance but the truth is that much beyond that. As I experienced the tumults of a life that oscillated between the constraints of middle-class insecure India to the perceived abundance of the land of opportunities and beyond, the enduring question always was the meaning of it all. As my mind evolved its own interpretation of the ways people have organized themselves – socially, politically, and economically over centuries, a concept started taking root in my “Zehan” – the deep within: An idea that the only worthwhile pursuit on this planet is to seek a unison with the ultimate ethereal energy that has created, sustains existence, and is present everywhere and nowhere.


It is the only thing that understands or can represent 0 & ∞. So while we all exist in between the two extremes, the path that leads to 0 & ∞ seemed to me a really fun, exciting, and truly happy state of existence. Upon much research and deep thought, the only word that could accurately define that state of being 0 & ∞ all together was ‘BRAHM.’ As I delved deeper within me, the resonance with the concept became stronger. Every action and activity became exhilarating when I gave it my all and went for broke. Exploring music, art, science, finance, economics, shades of wine, nuances of dance, the art of lovemaking, sport, nutrition – all, became an extremely exciting pursuit when pursued with the sole goal of finding BRAHM through each pursuit. Every neuron and every minute particle of my existence, the ether that constitutes me and unites me with the cosmos, seemed to revel and rejoice as I sought to convert my insecurities, my fear, my jealousies, my struggle for recognition, for acceptance, for financial security into a march towards seeking ‘BRAHM.’ A state of eternal abundance as it lacks nothing, but at the same time is nothing. The best part of it all was that my being could only tend to ‘Brahm.’ Never get there, and thus, it became even more enticing and joyful to be on that path.

A daily pursuit that only begets an inching forward on a never-ending journey, but the burst of joyful energy it releases is far greater than any nuclear fission or fusion and is astounding, to say the least. This, in the midst of all my imperfections, the one abiding truth is a constant search and seeking of a state of perfection.

Being ‘Brahm’ - Socially
Being ‘Brahm’ - Economically
Being ‘Brahm’ - Politically
- Bhavook Tripathi -

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